Teen Links

Links to useful information on the Internet especially for teens.
ACT Test Prep
Sample tests, tips, and other information from ACT, Inc.
50 most affordable online colleges for you to explore
All Music Guide
Look for information on your favorite artists, songs, and style of music.
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Practice Test
Practice ASVAB testing. The ASVAB test is a required test administered to anyone interested in enlisting in any of the US Armed Service branches.
Collegeboard.com: SAT
A full-length SAT practice test and scoring guide.
Guide to Paying for College
In this guide, we go over the cost of college and the associated steps to pay for it. There are 6 steps in total, including The Cost of College, The Steps to Paying for College, Financial Aid, Scholarships & Grants, College Savings Accounts, and Student Loans. In addition, we even recorded 5 videos to make the information more digestible and engaging. With the ever rising cost of college and the growing student loan crisis, we think it is more important now than ever for students and their families to be informed about the best strategies to pay for college.
Health Information from FDA for Teens
Health information from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Includes articles on topics like playing a sport with exercise-induced asthma, how loud music affects your ears, and how to prevent STD's. From FDA Consumer Magazine.
Jobs For Teens HQ
The best resource out there to help teenagers find jobs. Our focus is specifically on helping teenagers find jobs and it's 100% free to use. We have very useful information including work permit information, labor laws, jobs for teens by city/state, non-traditional job ideas, and more.
A great place to find book reviews by other teens, author interviews, and information about new titles
U.S. News.Com Education
A very useful source for students selecting a college or university